About us

Stefania is our Italian chef

Stefania, is our chef. She has many years of experience as a chef and has also was responsible for large catering events in and around Bologna and the “Bolognesi are not an easy crowd to please. In the months that we do not organize cooking workshops, she runs the restaurant 3 days a week. She speaks good English with an charming Italian accent that most of us hope she will never lose.

Marco, our wine connoisseur

Marco (married to Stefania) is our host during the workshops. Marco is a connoisseur of local products and he likes to talk about this subject. His great passion is Italian wine and you can always ask him about this too. He grew up in Bologna and if you are going to visit this city you should really ask him for some tips, but Marco can also inform you about other cities in the area.

Lisa, our other chef and a graduated pastry chef

Lisa is our other cook. She has been a professional pastry chef and she make’s fantastic cakes among other things. On the days that she not helping with the workshops, she works with her boyfriend at their organic vegetable nursery in the valley at the river. A lot of our vegetables come from this nursery and you can always walk down the mountain path to have a look . This is a nice walk and you can buy vegetables here fresh from the land.

Agatha, our innovator

Agatha is the daughter of Marco and Stefania. She has learned to cook from an early age from her mother, but certainly also from her dear (but also a bit strict) grandma Loradana. Agatha is passionate about the classic Italian cuisine but also she has another passion; the modern Italian cuisine. She is the one who introduced the special pizza dough that is used for our Gourmet Pizzas me make on the 3rd day of the course. If you come across a dish on the lunch table that you have never seen before, there is a good chance that Agi will be behind it.

Steve, the “guinea pig”

Steve, I am the (almost) invisible man from Cucina Originale. I have a house not far a way from Marco and Steffi.  I was fortunate to meet them 15 years ago. After having great lunches and dinners at their home all these years , it was time to try and do something back. The way I do this is by helping them to be found on the “world wide web”.